Boards and Commissions

Patricia Johnson
City Clerk

Boards and Commissions

River Rouge City Clerk
10600 West Jefferson Ave.
River Rouge, MI 48218
Shirley Miller, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (313) 842-5604
Fax: (313) 842-4711

Boards and Commissions

Welcome to the Boards and Commissions homepage. River Rouge is driven by the residents and business owners who volunteer to be a part of our boards and commissions. For more information on the meeting dates and membership, please see the menu for each board’s homepage.

Application & Expectations

Want to be a part of the City of River Rouge? We accept applications for our board and commission openings on a rolling basis. You can learn more by browsing the Position Descriptions and Expectations below. Please contact Kelli Onufrak for information on any current openings.

Please see the following forms:

For the Public

Access board and commission bylaws here:

For New Commissioners

Are you new to a board or commission? Please review your Welcome Packet below for more information on your position, duties, and helpful resources.

Training Reporting

Some boards and commissions have optional and required training sessions. For each training session, you must submit confirmation that you attended the training to HR using the form below. Your City staff member will inform you of upcoming training if your attendance is required. You can also review the Training Plan for free on-demand training opportunities.