It’s not too late to help your
community members save thousands by
filing their taxes.

August 15, 2023

Tax season has come and gone, but did you know there’s still time for many Michiganders to get thousands of dollars back by filing their taxes now? CEDAM and the Michigan Economic Impact Coalition need your help to connect low- to moderate-income folks across the state with free tax preparation services.

About the Home Heating Credit

Each year, the Home Heating Credit is available to Michigan residents through September 30. Over the past five five years, the average qualifying household received $209 in assistance, which is most often applied directly to residents’ utility bills—as is an additional automatic credit from select energy providers worth up to $20 monthly. Additionally, some recipients of food assistance benefits who have received a Home Heating Credit of greater than $20 may be eligible for an increase in their benefits. But don’t wait: it’s a use it or lose it credit.

In order to qualify, residents must be a homeowner, or a renter with a contracted lease, and meet income requirements. The best way to apply for the Home Heating Credit, and a number of other tax credits available to Michigan residents, is to utilize trusted free tax preparation services.

Connecting your clients

Free tax preparation is a community service designed to help Michigan residents improve their financial well-being. Residents who qualify for free tax preparation include those with disabilities, those with limited English-speaking ability, and those who earn less than $60,000 per year. Tax preparation providers are trained volunteers who are experts in taxes and have an accuracy rate, on average, higher than their for-profit colleagues.

Residents can book an appointment at a free tax preparation site by locating their siteor visiting Local human service nonprofits such as United Way 2-1-1 and Community Action Agencies can also refer residents to a free tax preparation site.

We know you want to connect your clients with all of the resources available to them— but we also know taxes can be confusing. That’s why we’ve created two step-by-step communications toolkits: one for free tax preparation providers and one for community partners, like you, ready to help connect their clients with these critical services.

View your communications toolkit now

Regardless of your orientation to this work, you can easily communicate a consistent, accessible message to your clients. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to communicate about the upcoming Home Heating Credit deadline, including a poster, message card for staff, and social media content. Plus, select materials are available in Spanish!

If you have any questions about the Home Heating Credit, free tax preparation, or how CEDAM can support you in communicating effectively about either, please contact CEDAM’s Manager of Sustainability & Evaluation, Madeleine March-Meenagh (

Last modified: August 15, 2023

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