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August 25, 2023


August 24, 2023

WAYNE COUNTY, MI - Severe weather conditions will continue for much of Wayne County. Additional rounds of thunderstorms are expected. Flooding caused by excessive rainfall is possible in some areas of Southeast Michigan.

The Wayne County Department of Public Services (DPS) and the county’s Public Health Division is urging residents to drive with caution and take steps to protect their homes, vehicles and valuables should flooding occur. 

If the intense rainfall leads to road and freeway closures and/or basement and severe surface flooding; below is a list of tips to help residents stay safe and prepare for inconveniences that may result from possible flooding:

·       Avoid flooded roadways and drive with extreme caution during rainfall.

If you encounter a roadway that is flooded, do not attempt to drive through the flooded area(s), water can be deeper than it appears.
Do not approach any downed powerlines, electric current passes through water easily.
Do not enter into floodwaters, it could contain sewage, debris and or live power lines.



In the event that residents experience flooding, it is vital that important health and safety precautions are followed while cleaning flooded basements and structures. Below is a list of recommendations from DPS and the Public Health Division on how to stay safe following an extreme weather event:


·       Never turn power on or off or use an electrical tool or appliance while standing in water.

·       Do not enter basements or other areas where floodwaters have reached any electrical outlets or panels.

·       After clean-up, make sure electrical outlets are safe to use before restoring electrical power.

Keep kids and pets away from cleanup areas until floors and walls have been washed, disinfected, and allowed to dry.

Be sure to keep an eye out on your kids and pets to ensure they do not come in contact with rodents.

Avoid mold growth by using fans and dehumidifiers, wash anything that comes in contact with rainwater with 10% beach solution.

Those with respiratory issues should not be in homes with wet carpet or furniture.


·       After cleaning the basement make sure clothing that was in contact with sewage is thoroughly washed.


·       When inside a flooded basement or building, wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and boots.


For questions on flooding contamination or cleanup contact Wayne County Public Health Division Environmental Health Unit at 734.727.7400.

Residents are encouraged to stay up to date on weather alerts and updates by periodically checking local stations and other weather outlets. To report a road hazard or an environmental issue, residents may utilize Wayne County’s hotlines or visit us online at

Report a road hazard 24/7:

1-888-ROAD-CREW (1-888-762-3273)


Environmental Emergency Hotline:



The Department of Public Services consists of six divisions, which include Administration, Engineering, Equipment, Parks, Roads, and the Environmental Services. The department oversees, maintains, and operates the county's unique assets and complex infrastructure for nearly 2 million residents.

Last modified: August 25, 2023

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